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Blue skies are smiling at Poppy Parker as she wore her favorite day dress to attend her town's annual Afternoon Social! Dressed to the nines themselves, Poppy's neighbors and friends were all too happy to welcome their favorite local celebrity and it showed; the massive outpouring of love that came Poppy's way was just too sweet for words! In that moment, she never saw the sun shining so bright and never saw things going so right! - Designed by David Buttry


Head Sculpt: Poppy

Body Type: Poppy 1.5

Foot Sculpt: Articulated Ankle

Skin Tone: Blush

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied




  • Adorable sleeveless gingham dress;
  • Removable belt;
  • Matching gingham scarf;
  • Custom embroidered floral tote;
  • Blue pumps;
  • Matching flower earrings and ring;
  • "Jeweled" bracelet;
  • Pair of Poppy Parker hands;
  • Alternate pair of "gloved" hands;
  • Certificate of authenticity;



IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, the final product may vary. Background and props are not included. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

Blue Skies Poppy Parker

SKU: 77248
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