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Hot new Bollywood leading men, identical twins Tajinder and Dalpinder Chowdhury, will melt your heart-- just like they melted the hearts of thousands of fans, both male and female, worldwide!


For his introduction to the world of Monarchs, Taj shows us his more relaxed, seductive side, as he is seen on location at one of the most luxurious island resorts on Earth, while working on location with his brother Dalpinder. Stars of a breezy new romcom simply titled "Atmosphere" where the final script is being kept a secret, we have yet to discover which brother will get the girl in the end... Or is it the boy?!


Desert Winds

Tajinder Chowdhury™ Fashion Figure

The Monarchs Homme™: Atmosphere Collection

Head Sculpt: Callum/Tajinder/Dalpinder 1.0

Body Type: Monarchs 1.0

Skin Tone: Light Honey

Hair Color: Black (Flocked)

Eyelashes: No

Quickswitch: No

Desert Winds

SKU: 21009
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