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When world-renowned New York night club "Jazz Byrd" announced that it was set to celebrate its 25th anniver"sary, Laird Drake's agency was hired to organize a massive soirée! Wanting to make sure that this event would not go unnoticed, Drake tasked the ultra-talented Lady Aurelia Grey with the job of creating the most flamboyant costumes for the legendary performers who would be showcased at this once in a lifetime event!


Our Lady spent long days designing and supervising an expert team of seamstresses to create outstanding, iconic looks that would go down in history and become timeless references for future fashion historians! This was the perfect occasion to showcase her talents and generate event more business for her growing couture house!


Item # 73027

Edition Size: 500

Skin Tone: Light Honey

Mid-Day Venture Lady Aurelia Grey ™

SKU: 73027
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