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Youngest of our new fearless trio, Keeki is a bubbly social butterfly with an ever-positive outlook on life... In other words, she's the light of the party!
Always acting like she is more famous than the celebrities who love to "be seen" at Meteor, Keeki is a social media natural, a specialist at navigating the apps and planning exciting parties and events!
Aside from outshining everyone on the dance floor at night, in the daytime, she and her friend Amirah are the two artists who oversee all aspects of party planning, decor design, and styling at the club. Patrons can easily recognize (and always appreciate) their fashionable signature on all those tiny details that make every evening spent at Meteor the one not to be missed!


Item # 46000

Edition Size: 525

Skin Tone: Nubian

Night Falls Keeki Adaeze™

SKU: 46000
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