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As soon as Sergio Silva set foot on the grounds for his weekend stay, he was the talk of the resort! He caught the eye of more than one young lady, so much so that even some of the matrons were daydreaming that he was their poolside paramour!


Head Sculpt: Bellamy/Sergio

Body Type: FR Homme 1.5

Skin Tone: Hungarian

Hair Color: Blonde




  • 12.5-inch articulated fashion figure with fully rooted hair;
  • White polo style shirt and slim-fit trousers;
  • Pale pink long-sleeved shirt;
  • Matching pale pink socks;
  • Brightly colored, custom printed blazer;
  • Matching, custom-printed swim trunks;
  • White “leather” belt with “gold” buckle;
  • Stylish white “leather” horsebit loafers; 
  • “Gold” chrome aviator sunglasses;
  • “Gold” watch;
  • “Leather” carryall style weekender bag with a custom printed lining;
  • Cork sole flip-flops;
  • Pair of regular male hands;
  • Pair of “grip” hands;
  • Figure stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Poolside Paramour - Sergio Silva™ Fashion Figure

SKU: 77233
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