Everyone assumes that Natalia Fatalé has simmered down and has walked away from her nefarious ways since she rekindled her friendship with Véronique Perrin several years back, but they could not be anymore mistaken. Causing trouble for the ever so sweet and perfect Isha is what she lives for, just because, as she puts it, she can!


What better place than THE big movie premiere event of the season to parade in front of the Parisian press, all aglow, just to show the plebs that what you have is still the only game in town? Cause a scene, witness everyone shaking their heads pretending to be shocked at your behavior and then leave; that's how Natalia Fatalé rules the red carpet in her own glamorous way!


Item # 91443

Edition Size: 950

Skin Tone: Sunkissed


SKU: 91443


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