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Item # 73058

Seeing The Sights

Maeve Rocha™ Dressed Doll

East 59th®: The Weekend In The Poconos Collection

Head Sculpt: Maeve

Body Type: E59 1.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled And Articulated Ankle

Skin Tone: Sunkissed

Hair Color: Honey Blonde

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied


The Story:


Maeve Rocha is a girl of adventure! Always ready to discover new glamorous locales, she was the first one to jump on the occasion of joining Laird and the other girls on this fabulous weekend retreat in the Poconos! The resort is so gorgeous, the place is so warm, inviting, and romantic, everything a girl desires is on the horizon!




·     12-inch articulated doll with rooted hair, and hand-applied eyelashes;

·     Impeccable mix-and-match sportswear look comprised of a woven plaid jumper/dress and cropped navy blue jacket;

·     Removable brown turtleneck;

·     Matching brown beret;

·     Tangerine and white East 59th monogrammed hatbox with magnetic closure;

·     Removable blue belt;

·     Golden earrings;

·     Blue flats (designed to fit the articulated ankle lower legs, included);

·     Alternate pair of high-heeled lower legs;

·     Pair of long-manicured hands;

·     Pair of alternate short-gloved hands;

·     Doll stand;

·     Certificate of authenticity.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, the final product may vary. Background and props are not included. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only. 

Seeing the Sights

SKU: 73058
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