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Music mogul Darius Reid's radar for hot new talent is always on, and something definitely "beeped" the minute Tae Min's new music video came on for the first time! The second he and his girlfriend saw his uber-cool electric moves and heard the sweet vibrato of his voice, it was pretty clear that they were witnessing the birth of a future worldwide phenomenon and they had to act now!


All it took was a quick phone call to his good friend and star sound engineer Rashad Rouissi for the pair to be on the next plane to Seoul and hopefully, soon they'll be making beautiful music together!


Studio Sessions

Darius Reid™ Dressed Fashion Figure

The Monarchs Homme™: Status Symbol Collection
Head Sculpt: Darius 2.0
Body Type: FR Homme 1.5
Skin Tone: FR Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown / Black

Studio Sessions Darius Reid™ Dressed Fashion Figure

SKU: 21015
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