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When Laird Drake was the last one to be approached by the Tangerine Company to create a campaign based on their prized, yet little-known nectar, he could have been insulted, but instead, he decided to welcome the project as a personal dare. No one who had attempted to work with the brand so far had managed to come up with a signature cocktail that could change the tide and expose this delightful aperitif for the precious brew that it really was- a stylish and refreshing concoction that could easily become the staple of every chichi summer party across the nation and beyond!


Never balking at a challenge, Laird immediately rolled up his sleeves, reached out to the beautiful Constance Madssen and together, they hit their favorite cocktail lounges, soon coming up with the perfect mix. Cleverly baptized “Tangier Tangerine” to help create an exotic aura around the cocktail, Drake told the world that this was the only drink in town via a most talked about ad campaign featuring the gorgeous Miss Madssen herself, published in all the major Gentlemen’s magazines and Ladies' Home Journals of the time! The pair truly beat the odds and were accessory to the creation of a trendy phenomenon that is still relevant to this very day!


Item # 73006

Edition Size: 500

Skin Tone: FR White

Tangier Tangerine

SKU: 73006
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